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Come to Chamonix, vacation at the foot of Mont Blanc.

People from all over the world meet in « Cham » (pronounced « Sham »). In the streets of this 'high mountain city' you can hear all sorts of languages. But this global gathering has a common spirit, one of mountaineering aficionados, passionate for its legends and its principles.

From everywhere in the valley one’s gaze is drawn to the giant, ever present, always sublime and yet different depending on where you stand.

In the heart of the city, just look up and: everywhere, 'He' is there. 4810m of rock, snow, ice, and dreams!

Take pictures of it, stand in awe

Take to the hills or mountain in this case; it is all the more imposing!

The summit of the Aiguille du Midi, at 3842m, accessible by cable car, offers an exceptional view of Mont Blanc.

You can literally touch the roof of Europe with your finger.

From the summit of Brevent, accessible by chairlift, there is a frontal view. Highest lookout point is at 2525m; from here one can see the Mont Blanc chain in its entirety.

19th century poets came here to find inspiration.

You embrace Mont Blanc with your eyes.

Take a hike, discover it, grasp it

In the Aiguille Rouge (Red Needle) nature reserve above the Flégère, nestles the White Lake. After a few hours of hiking, you can admire the myth reflected in the blue waters of the lake. Man your cameras; you have the iconic photo of Mont Blanc.

We are ready to devote a whole week to hiking, so we take off for the famous « Tour du Mont Blanc ». This tour is an exceptional trek 200 km around the Mont Blanc massif, and can be completed in 7 to 10 days passing through Italy, Switzerland and France.

Live to the rhythm of Mont Blanc!

Get even closer to it still...
Climb it

The ascent of Mont Blanc is stuff of mountaineers.

The Mont-Blanc, long regarded as the culmination of a mountaineer’s career, has become over the years a bit of a consumer product.

It has become necessary to restore its true value as an act of proper mountaineering to the ascent of this summit and redefine its different aspects: high altitude, physical commitment, essential skills, preparation...

So that this ascent remains one of your most beautiful memories, use the services of a high mountain guide.

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