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  • The Guides

    They make sure

    The High Mountain Guides

    They make sure

    They accompany both the local yokels or aficionados in exile; the guide is one who shows the way to the peaks. He delivers. Thanks to him, the dream of a climb to the roof of Europe becomes a reality. By sharing his love and his experience with his clients, the guide hopes that the full pleasure of mountaineering is not limited only to this one prestigious summit.

    list of High Mountain Guides in this valley
  • High Mountain Office

    They inform

    High Mountain Office

    They inform

    Founded in 1972 after a rather disturbing mountaineering season, public opinion sought a solution that would preserve freedom while limiting and reducing mountain accidents. The High Mountain Office was thus born out of a generous, original and effective approach to the delicate issue of the prevention of mountain accidents through information. Mountaineering does not sit well with administrative constraints; the mountain must remain an area of freedom.

    '; The website of the High Mountain Office
  • The Artists

    They immortalize

    The Artists

    They immortalize

    Painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, filmmakers, these ambassadors playing the dual role of mountaineer and artist, have for centuries created the myth. Many exhibition and culture centers in Chamonix invite you to mingle with various art forms inspired by Mont Blanc.

    Art, culture and discovery
  • Refuge Guardians

    They reassure

    Refuge Guardians

    They reassure

    The mythical ascent is not made all in one go, a recuperative break is necessary. The Cosmique or the Gouter, these two refuges at the summit are extremely welcoming, offering soup and sleep before the final assault. The guardian keeps watch and wakes up customers with all the required delicacy.

    List of the Mont Blanc refuges

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